Children Finger Pulse Oximeter Review | Pediatric Infant SPO2 Tester

Brief summary
Participating in the freebies for a long time and have lost hope win something)) but luck and I am the owner of пульсиксометра. It Is a good thing for those who have children

Parcel arrived for 10 days, that very pleased me, it was good, seller tried their best, brought home and unpacked, very good packing

Oh this is not повторимые impressions from the first freebies)) very high quality device, it is clear that assembled by skilled hands instead of feet)) Beautiful and nice, hope will long us please

Пульсиксометр is designed to measure the blood oxygen saturation. Included USB cable TYPE-C, case and silicone strap on neck that would not lose

Not know what to compare these instruments in our family was not there. But we liked it at first sight, small, had many settings, you can adjust the sound and Screen

Suggestions for seller, let it keeps us in future please such wonderful quality instruments, and let it business has development in this field