How to Measure Oxygen Saturation?

How to measure (blood) oxygen saturation(level)?

Blood oxygen saturation measurement method:

1. The traditional method of measuring blood oxygen saturation is to first collect blood from the human body, and then perform electrochemical analysis using a blood gas analyzer to measure the hemorrhage oxygen saturation by measuring the partial pressure of hemorrhage oxygen PO2. This method is cumbersome and cannot be continuously monitored.

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Probe SPO2 Blood Oxygen Sensor

Understanding The Blood Oxygen Probe – Pulse Oximeter Sensor

The SpO2 instrument consists of three main components: the probe, the function module and the display section. Oxygen Probes For most monitors on the market, the technology for detecting SpO2 is mature. The accuracy of the SpO2 detected by a monitor is largely related to the probe. From the professional point of view, this article summarizes the factors affecting the test results, such as the detection device, medical wire and connection process.

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